I know little about ICT carbon footprint methodologies and energy efficiency. Is ICTFOOTPRINT.eu relevant to me?

ICTFOOTPRINT.eu is relevant to those who want to learn more about energy efficiency and carbon footprint methodologies for the ICT sector. ICTFOOTFOOTPRINT.eu will provide tools, knowledge and support to all those who want to address high levels of energy efficiency and decrease their carbon footprint.

How can I select one of the 5 languages available in the ICTFOOTPRINT.eu helpdesk?

To select one of the 5 languages available on ICTFOOTPRINT.eu helpdesk, select the “flag” of the country/language.

How many languages are supported on the ICTFOOTPRINT.eu helpdesk?

The ICTFOOTPRINT.eu helpdesk will provide support in 5 languages: English, French, Italian, German and Spanish, allowing barrier reduction to almost 60% of European ICT SMEs.

How does the ICTFOOTPRINT.eu helpdesk work?

To get assistance from ICTFOOTPRINT.eu helpdesk, either log in and access this service from your profile page, or visit the Frequently Asked Questions page and add your name and email to the chat box which appears automatically.

What is ICTFOOTPRINT.eu helpdesk?

ICTFOOTPRINT.eu helpdesk will be dedicated to support SMEs interested in adopting LCE methodologies and that lack  experience in this field. End-users can receive dedicated support on the adoption of best practices regarding energy efficiency in ICT and assistance on using ICTFOOTPRINT.eu services, such as the self-assessment tool (available soon) and the online marketplace.


I am having difficulties setting up my profile. Where can I ask for help?

Please contact ICTFOOTPRINT.eu help desk for dedicated assistance or send an email to contact@ictfootprint.eu


I am an ICT Service Provider. How can ICTFOOTPRINT.eu help my business?

Through the ICTFOOTPRINT.eu marketplace, ICT Service Providers will be able to promote their sustainable solutions (products and services) to SMEs willing to adopt products and services with low carbon and energy footprint.


What types of sustainable solutions are available in the Marketplace?

ICTFOOTPRINT.eu marketplace has 6 types of green solutions: Hardware, Software, Connectivity, Data management, Advisory/Consultancy, Certifications & Other Services. All provide products and services which will help you to improve your energy efficiency and reduce your carbon footprint.


How do I find information about Solution Providers?

To find out more about Solution Providers in the ICTFOOTPRINT.eu marketplace, simply click on the Solution Provider name found on the product/service page or on product/service listing pages (search results) when browsing.

I am a small business looking for solutions to help improve my environmental footprint as an ICT user. How can I find them on the marketplace?

The marketplace offers information on products and services to improve your energy efficiency from various providers. These are 6 categories: Hardware, Software, Connectivity, Data management, Advisory/Consultancy, Certifications & Other Services.


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