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Je ne connais pas les méthodologies de calcul d’empreinte environnementale des TIC. ICTFOOTPRINT.eu est-il pertinent dans mon cas ?

ICTFOOTPRINT.eu est pertinent pour l’ensemble des acteurs souhaitant en apprendre plus sur l’empreinte carbone et énergétique, et plus généralement sur les méthodologies de calcul d’empreinte environnementale pour le secteur des TIC. ICTFOOTPRINT.eu fournira des outils, connaissances et supports à tous ceux qui veulent améliorer leur efficacité énergétique ou réduire leur empreinte environnementale.

Qu’est-ce que ICTFOOPRINT.eu peut m’apporter?

ICTFOOTPRINT.eu aidera les acteurs des TIC en leur offrant des solutions de qualité et des méthodologies leur permettant de réduire leur empreinte environnementale, comme l’empreinte carbone ou énergétique:


Qu’est-ce que le projet ICTFOOTPRINT.eu ?

Le projet a pour principal objectif de promouvoir l’adoption de méthodologies de calcul de l’empreinte environnementale pour le secteur des TIC (Technologies de l’Information et de la Communication), en mettant l’accent sur l’empreinte carbone et énergétique. ICTFOOTPRINT.eu fournira au secteur des TIC un moyen facile de calculer son empreinte, avec pour objectif de réduire son impact environnemental tout en améliorant sa compétitivité.

What are environmental footprint methodologies?

methodology offers the theoretical support for understanding which method or "best practices" can be applied to a specific need, and guidance on how to implement the method in order to evaluate the environmental footprint (such as carbon or energy footprint) related to a specific product or organisation.

What is climate change?

Solar radiation is re-emitted by the Earth’s surface in the form of infrared radiation, which is itself partially absorbed by various chemical species in the atmosphere: this is called the "greenhouse effect." The radiation balance determines the average temperature of the planet and the presence of greenhouse substances allows the temperature to be compatible with life on Earth (without this, the temperature would be about -15 ° C).

What is an energy footprint?

Just as carbon footprint, energy footprints are environmental footprints focusing on a single environmental issue, the energy consumption. Hence an energy footprint is the assessment of the energy consumption related to a defined product, organization or territory, within a specific spatial and temporal boundary. This is calculated in most methodologies from a life cycle perspective.

What is an environmental footprint?

An environmental footprint is the assessment of the potential environmental impacts of a defined product/service, organization or territory, within a specific spatial and temporal boundary. Environmental footprints are Life Cycle Assessment approaches which means that they take into consideration the whole life cycle of the studied system, i.e. all the steps from the raw material extraction through processing, distribution, use and end-of-life.

Carbon footprint, Energy footprint, Environmental footprint… What are we talking about?

The concept of “footprint” is relatively recent and due to differing opinions on what this term refers to, things may get confusing for a non-expert audience. Terms like “carbon footprint”, “energy footprint” or “environmental footprint” are often used without a clear understanding of their respective meaning.

Which Carbon Footprint Methodologies ICTFOOTPRINT.eu use?

ICTFOOTPRINT.eu provides information on methodologies specific to the ICT sector and related with environmental footprint implementation, with a particular focus on carbon footprint and energy footprint.

Additional methodologies may be applied to calculate performance indicators, for instance in terms of energy consumption.

Go to the Methodologies page to learn more about them.

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