Why should I subscribe ICTFOOTPRINT.eu newsletter?

By subscribing to the ICTFOOTPRINT.eu newsletter you will receive up-to-date information about methodologies and metrics which improve energy efficiency in ICT sector. The newsletter is also the best way to find out about new ICTFOOTPRINT.eu services which can help you gain the competitive edge by reducing your carbon footprint.


How can I delete my profile?

You may delete your profile by first logging into your account and going to “Your Profile”. Then click on the “EDIT” tab and click on “CANCEL ACCOUNT” at the bottom of the page.

I registered for ICTFOOTPRINT.eu but I did not get any confirmation email, was my registration successful?

Please first check your spam folder. If you have still not received it, please send an email to contact@ictfootprint.eu

How do I know my registration has been successful?

After your registration you will receive a confirmation email.

How do I register to ICTFOOTPRINT.eu?

It’s really easy to register to ICTFOOTPRINT.eu. Simply visit our homepage at www.ICTFOOTPRINT.eu and click on “REGISTER” in the top right of the homepage. Then complete the information requested and click on “CREATE NEW ACCOUNT”. You will then get a confirmation email in your mailbox.

What are the benefits of joining ICTFOOTPRINT.eu?

The main benefit of joining ICTFOOTPRINT.eu is to get help on how your business can become more carbon and energy efficient and how to calculate your ICT environmental footprint in an easy way, so that you can decrease your impact on the environment and make your business more competitive.

Will ICTFOOTPRINT.eu provide services after the end of the project?

ICTFOOTPRINT.eu runs from February 2016 to January 2019. After that visitors will be able to continue to use the self-assessment tool, the online marketplace and will be able to access methodologies to facilitate the uptake on energy efficiency measures.

How can I find out more about new ICTFOOTPRINT.eu services?

Keep up to date with new ICTFOOTPRINT.eu services and news by subscribing to our newsletter. Simply send an email to contact@ictfootprint.eu. You can also follow us on Twitter and connect with us on LinkedIn.

Is ICTFOOTPRINT.eu only for Europeans or can anyone use it?

Europe is the primary audience of ICTFOOTPRINT.eu. However, our services are relevant to anyone around the world and we welcome all users to our platform and services.

Do I have to pay to use ICTFOOTPRINT.eu services?

Using ICTFOOTPRINT.eu services is totally free of charge.  


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