How can I join the marketplace?

If you are a buyer, interested in low carbon footprint solutions, go to the marketplace and click on “REGISTER AS A BUYER”. Then complete the requested information and click “Submit”. You will then receive a confirmation email.

What is ICTFOOTPRINT.eu marketplace?

The ICTFOOTPRINT.eu marketplace is an online meeting point which will bring together the demand-side (SMEs willing to adopt low-carbon footprint solutions) and the supply-side (low-carbon footprint solution Providers). The marketplace will establish a level playing field for both and contribute to speeding up the uptake of energy efficient ICT solutions.


How is my carbon footprint calculated?

The ICTFOOTPRINT.eu self-assessment tool will calculate your carbon footprint based on the information you have provided us and the footprint model parameters from selected methodologies and metrics.


What information I should provide in order to assess my carbon footprint?

There will be several “self-assessment” services. To a “basic assessment” of your carbon footprint through the ICTFOOTPRINT.eu self-assessment tool, you should provide with an organisation profile. This includes information on activities, procedures and equipment/services acquired. For a more detailed and complete self-assessment, a mapping of your organisation’s digital processes is required.

How can I access the ICTFOOTPRINT.eu self-assessment tool?

The ICTFOOTPRINT.eu self-assessment tool will be available soon. Be the first to find out about its launch by registering for our newsletter. Simply send an email to contact@ictfootprint.eu


I am a Standard Development Organisation (SDO). Why and how can I contribute to ICTFOOTPRINT.eu?

ICTFOOTPRINT.eu engages with SDOs involved in the development of ICT-specific energy and/or carbon footprint methodologies (including Life Cycle Assessment). ICTFOOTPRINT.eu will help SDOs by providing opportunities to:

- Showcase methodologies on the ICTFOOTPRINT.eu web platform and monitor development.

- Contribute to ICTFOOTPRINT.eu Policy Action Plan Strategy Report.

I represent a Public Administration. How can ICTFOOTPRINT.eu help me?

ICTFOOTPRINT.eu will help public administrations to play an active role in defining, implementing and assessing public policy within sustainable developments in order to reduce the direct footprint of the ICT sector in their communities. With ICTFOOTPRINT.eu, Public Administration can:

Can ICTFOOTPRINT.eu endorse my product, services or company?

ICTFOOTPRINT.eu will provide support on products, services and companies which aim to improve energy efficiency and decrease carbon footprint levels in the ICT sector.


I am an ICT service provider involved in a sustainability approach and looking for new business opportunities. How can I advertise my services?

You can promote your products and services on the ICTFOOTPRINT.eu marketplace. To do this you should register as a seller on the marketplace and select which of our 6 categories your product or service best matches. The categories are as follows: Hardware, Software, Connectivity, Data management, Advisory/Consultancy, Certifications & Other Services


Why is ICTFOOTPRINT.eu relevant to small businesses?

ICTFOOTPRINT.eu will guide ICT small businesses on how to implement actions towards lower environmental footprint and greater and deal with related complex legal and administrative procedures. ICTFOOTPRINT.eu will provide ICT organisations with:

- Guidance and tools to calculate energy and carbon footprint of ICT using standards and methodologies.

- Information on certifications, best practice reports and how to customise to core business.

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