External Advisory Group

The External Advisory Group of international expert opinion leaders who are passionate about IT resource efficiency and green ICT in general who would, on a flexible and lightweight basis, offer support to ICTFOOTPRINT.eu.

Anders Andrae

Huawei Technologies - Sweden

Senior Expert LCA

Anders has experience on estimating the environmental loadings of the ICT sector and is editor for first LCA standard for ICT developed by ETSI.

Mauro Boldi

Telecom Italia - Italy

System Engineer

Mauro, a system engineer is part of ETSI group dedicated to access network energy efficiency.

Emma Fryer

TechUK – UK

Associate Director for Climate Change Programmes

Emma spent the last six years representing the ICT sector in policy matters related to climate change, explaining how intelligent use of ICT can reduce net carbon emissions

Osamu Namikawa

Hitachi – Japan

Environmental Policy

Osamu Namikawa is working for the Environment Policy Division, Information & Telecommunication Systems of Hitachi. He is responsible for environmentally conscious design and environmental standardization.

Dominique Roche

ETSI - France

Chairman of OEU and ATTM committees

Experience on operational energy efficiency for users at ETSI.

Lance Rütimann

The Green Grid – Switzerland

Vice President

Lance advocates for safe, secure and sustainable environments.

Daniel Schien

University of Bristol - UK

Senior Researcher Associate

Researcher in Sustainable IT, has developed models to assess the carbon emissions of consuming services over the Internet and investigated how ICT can best be used to bring more sustainable life styles.

Andie Stephens

Carbon Trust – UK

Senior Customer & Project Manager

Expert on carbon measurement and ICT companies advisor on carbon measurement & reduction programs. He initiated the development of ICT Sector Guidance for the GHG Protocol Product Standard and contributed to various international standards. 

Thomas Wilson

ECOS - Belgium

Standardisation officer

Thomas is the Standardisation Officer responsible for the ICT area and has experience on Smart meters, Smart grids and Energy.

Jaak Vlasveld

Green IT Amsterdam - The Netherlands


Jaak has experience in Smart technologies and focus on making IT more energy efficienct, delivering smart solutions to increase energy efficiency in other sectors and developing the green IT economy.

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