Bedford Drive Primary School - UK

Bedford Drive Primary School - UK

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Aligned with their motto ‘Inspire, Believe, Succeed’, Bedford Drive Primary School wanted to take full advantage of their multi-million pound rebuild by ensuring the very latest technology was adopted. Working in partnership with Hi-Impact, the school’s technical support provider and computing consultants ELe® introduced a tailored ultra-low energy computing solution to support the school’s ambition to improve its sustainability profile

Bedford Drive Primary School
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United Kingdom
Main benefits & Achieved Results : 

The Hi-Impact installation, powered with ELe® technologies has enabled the school to achieve 70% energy savings. Beyond the energy savings however, the whole team at the school is now benefiting from the new computing solutions.

"As we were about to move into a brand-new build, we were looking for new, innovative ways to ensure that school was as eco-friendly as possible from the start. We were excited when we first saw the ELe® technology and could not quite believe that the computer was so small. We love the way that the device fits neatly behind the monitors saving space in the classrooms and it is so quiet without having fans in it so you don’t even know it is there! We chose it to potentially reduce our electricity costs after being shown how much energy is used by the fans inside a traditional PC tower compared to an ELe® device. Our Eco Club will be monitoring this for us with support from ELe® and we look forward to positive results. We were concerned initially about the speed of performance due to the size but we have been amazed at how much quicker the computer loads up when it is switched on and how much faster programs load; it is saving valuable teaching and learning time.” - Rebecca Stewart, Computing Co-ordinator

Presentation of the initiative: 

The computing solution recommended for Bedford Drive school included a number of innovative technologies:

  • - A Power over Ethernet (PoE) solution utilising ELe®’s Power Injector was recommended and installed to power the schools desktop computing via its existing Ethernet cabling.
  • - Hi-Impact installed 24 ELe® NUC Intel PC’s and Monitors for use by students, teachers and support staff. An additional 21 ELe® NUC Intel PC’s were then installed to operate the 65 inch teaching screens in each of the new classroom spaces.
  • - ELe®’s very latest product – a DC powered server was then installed at the school. The Intel Xeon E5 Server is now supporting the whole school and is consistently running at below 100 watts per hour, giving an energy saving of more than 50% versus

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