Jerlaure - France

Jerlaure - France

Claim To Fame: 

The aim of the “Green Data Centre” is globally to reduce energy losses from the technical architectures, to use virtualisation to optimise the IT infrastructure and, where possible, to recover the calories to produce energy or heating. JERLAURE totally supports this approach.

Organisation Type: 
Small and Medium Enterprise
Nathalie Dulcamara
Main benefits & Achieved Results : 

"Measures for system optimization"
- Chillers in free cooling, subservient to the cooling units (regulation of the temperature depending on the thermal load to cool)
- Variable-flow cooling units
- High efficient UPS and COS phi 0,9
- Cold aisles containment
- Containment of the return air flow

"Measurement concept"
There are five measurement stations:
- Three stations are installed in the three electric distribution closets (UPS, cooling systems, other applications in the data centre such as lighting)
- Two stations are installed in electric distribution closets after the UPS (IT equipment supply)

A software acquires all the data from the measurement stations and provides an interface for the PUE calculation, given the recorded data. Calculations can be made upon different periods (day, week, month, year).

"Key aspects and success factors"
The cooling systems implemented should enable substantial energy savings. The technology use is homogeneous in terms of cold production and diffusion (chillers and cooling units). Thus, the different elements of the chain communicate with each other, in order to adapt the cooling supply to the actual needs

The temperature set points being in the range 7-12°C, depending on the needs the set point automatically increases and just the necessary and sufficient water flow and temperature are provided to respect the set point.

Presentation of the initiative: 

Services, products, solutions or principles improving the data centre efficiency include: intelligent PDU, modular UPS, side mount cooling units, air flow containment and management, scalable blanking panels and air flow baffle systems, energy efficient cooling systems utilizing variable extractor fan, energy efficient cooling systems utilizing variable compressors, rbanization in accordance with principle of cold aisle - hot aisle, data centre management tools, increase of air supply temperature (18 °C, instead of 16 °C), analysis of climatic chain components efficiency, considering the data centre load.

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