Atman - Poland

Atman - Poland

Claim To Fame: 

Atman. a data center provider, has developed its own environmental parameters and takes advantage of direct free cooling solutions in their DC facilities.

Organisation Type: 
Large Enterprise
Paolo Bertoldi
Main benefits & Achieved Results : 

"Online efficiency monitoring using SCADA"
Atman has developed its own environmental parameter s monitoring using SCADA. Instant information and alerts from SCADA enable Atman’s personnel to react immediately and fine-tune electrical and mechanical devices in order to maximize energy efficiency.

"Free cooling (direct and indirect)"
- Atman is taking advantage of direct free cooling solutions in their DC facilities where flexible approach to environmental conditions Is allowed.
- In data-rooms which require strict humidity and temperature control Atman uses precision free cooling systems
- Set points recommended by ASHRAE classes A1-A4: 18- 27 ºC

"Sealed racks and isles"
Atman’s staff regularly monitors data-rooms against proper and optimal use of cooling. Hot-spots, empty rack-slots, reverse fans, etc. are subject to immediate corrections. This activity is backed by appropriate provisions in contracts

"Vendors – endorsers"
When possible, Atman selects their vendors from registered Code of Conduct Data Centre endorsers (Schneider Electric, Emerson Network Power, Stulz, Socomec, and others)

"Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE)"
Atman uses industry-standard efficiency metrics, such as PUE, to benchmark our operations and precisely assess the efficiency gained from infrastructure upgrades.

Presentation of the initiative: 

As one of the leading data centers operators in Central and Eastern Europe, Atman endeavors to set the benchmark in our quality standards and do our part for the environment. We apprehend that our main environmental impact as a data center operator comes from the power we use to run our facilities. In order to downsize our energy consumption, we use technologies that considerably improve the efficiency of data center power usage and cooling.

Commitments for the future & other relevant information: 

As a data center operator and the Polish market leadeR, the company encourages clients and partners to endorse the European Code of Conduct for Energy Efficiency in Data Centre, especially. This relates to the consumption efficiency of the IT equipment in the data centre and can be described as the IT work capacity available for a given IT power consumption. Atman supports and advise our business partners on optimization of IT infrastructure because the utilisation of its capacity is an important part of efficiency in a data center.

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