Tools and services for energy management – Free webinar

Tools and services for energy management – Free webinar

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Most European organisations do not have any energy efficiency procedures in their business, resulting in high energy consumption & carbon footprints– not to mention increased energy costs. The main reason for this is a lack of knowledge, and that’s exactly what wants to provide to all European players: practical & easy tools for improving the sustainability of ICT in businesses – so that everyone benefits.

2nd Webinar – 20th October 2016 - “Tools and services for energy management”

Following this mindset, will present its second webinar on 20th October 12:00PM CET/CEST, entitled “Tools and Services for energy management”. The free webinar will give crucial information about their tools to all those who want to improve ICT energy efficiency in their business.

In less than an hour, two experts on energy efficiency in ICT - Jaak Vlasveld (Director of GreenIT Amsterdam) and Rabih Bashroush (Coordinator of Eureca project) - will provide their valuable insights regarding energy efficiency in ICT.

Jaak Vlasveld will explain how to achieve energy efficiency gains without impacting the performance and stability of ICT and  the potential impact of Life Cycle Assessment on buying new IT equipment. Additionally, Jaak will share success stories with the audience about implementing sustainable IT.

Rabih Bashroush will provide his expert advice on the sustainability of data centres,  which will explain how to identify and procure environmentally sustainable data centres. There is huge potential for positive changein this field, as Data centres are responsible for 3% of global electricity supply and for 2% of total greenhouse gas emissions (the same carbon footprint as the airline industry).

Why you should join the webinar:

· Free webinar, at no cost to you and requiring less than 1 hour of your time.

· Learn from experts how to start improving energy efficiency in your ICT business.

· Hear success stories about implementing energy efficiency.

· Start benefiting from competitive advantages, such as energy cost reduction, with energy efficiency.

The webinar is for any European ICT player that needs to improve its energy efficiency in ICT.

Want to join? Simply register here


ICT Webinars for information, training, and support: A series of 12 events, free of cost and open to all is launching a series of 12 on-line webinars for information, training, and support: free of cost and open to all. The goal is to support players in the ICT sector in adopting energy efficiency processes in their businesses, through a compelling set of tips and tools to tackle energy efficiency issues and to enjoy a competitive edge from practicing energy efficiency in ICT processes & procedures.

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Tools and services for energy management – Free webinar |


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