Green IT Amsterdam - The Netherlands

Green IT Amsterdam - The Netherlands

Claim To Fame: 

Green IT Week is dedicated to spotlight initiatives such as events, projects and good practices which help achieve sustainable targets and ambitions with ICT and technology, for individual organizations, government and society.

Green IT Amsterdam
Organisation Type: 
IT Consultancy/Development
The Netherlands
Main benefits & Achieved Results : 

- Twitter: 70 tweets with 43,300 impressions, 37 new followers and 1,100 profile visits.
- Publication of articles in 6 external media.
- Events: 8 events we partnered with, 3 co-organized and our main large event, the ‘Green IT Live’.

Presentation of the initiative: 

Green IT is not just about making ICT itself more sustainable, but also about using these technologies to help address sustainability related societal challenges in general, such as the energy transition, mobility, smart cities and a circular economy.

The energy transition and creating a sustainable society have still many questions to be answered and much knowledge to be gained. Although large-scale adoption and implementation is yet to be achieved, many efforts are ongoing. We get there as we are doing. and these are the initiatives we celebrate during Green IT Week.

However, a minimum of two months of preparation is needed to scout events and communicate properly.

Commitments for the future & other relevant information: 

Organized since 2015, Green IT Amsterdam is replicating the initiative every year, enhancing visibility as a consortium of Green IT Leaders and creating positive impact by doing and sharing. Moreover, it appears easy to replicate such ambition in any country.

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