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Carbon footprint calculation for screen art productions. Predict your footprint, report it to broadcast/funders and compare it against our database of over 1.000 productions.


BT offers products and services that can vastly reduce your carbon emissions, from enabling your mobile workforce, to streamlining your IT infrastructure. The calculator proposed by British Telecom helps estimate the carbon emission savings associated with the products and services developed by the company. Various services are assessed, from reducing unnecessary travel through video conferencing to decreasing power consumption through virtual datacentres.

These calculators can help you estimate those savings:


The CLEER (Cloud Energy and Emissions Research) Model is a comprehensive user friendly open-access model for assessing the net energy and emissions implications of cloud services in different regions and at different levels of market adoption. The model aims to provide full transparency on calculations and input value assumptions so that its results can be replicated and its data and methods can be easily refined and improved by the research community.


This guide accompanies an Excel tool which is designed to help Further and Higher Education (FHE) Institutions estimate the costs and carbon emissions of thin versus thick client PCs over a given evaluation period.


The Ecoindex is an online tool which aims at testing the environmental and tecnical performance of a website. It provides an absolute environmental performance score (from 1 to 100), the relative environmental performance through a A to G ranking, the technical footprint and the environmental footprint of a website. The evaluation gives a general idea of the website performance.


2019-02-10 helps you design and build more sustainable digital services. This online tool identifies sustainable web design best practices already implemented and the one that could be implemented in order to potentially lower your digital service environmental footprint. has been designed by a consortium of French web agencies and digital sercices based in Burgundy : Atol-CD, Cadoles, Logomotion, Planet Bourgogne, Pulsar DS. This project is managed by CCI Bourgogne France-Comté and Ardie Bourgogne and co-financed by Ademe.



The EURECA Tool is a web-based platform to help public procurers and data centre professionals self-assess the energy efficiency and profile of their data centres, and provides improvements and suggestions. The latter are based on the latest standards and research and industry outputs.


The environmental impact modelling tool allows for the evaluation of energy savings, cost savings and carbon emissions abatement potential of 3 types of cloud computing in 11 different countries. The software was created by Qingtech, a UK based team focused upon providing organisations with both the scientific and business orientated knowledge and tools to quantify and manage the environmental impact of their ICT. The tool provides with results at country level.


Using the free web-based HP Carbon Footprint Calculators, you can easily see how you can reduce the environmental impact—and costs—of computing and printing. It takes just a few clicks to estimate how applying power-saving technologies, upgrading to more efficient features, and consolidating devices can lower your energy use and carbon footprint. Choose a calculator below to begin an evaluation and find solutions that are good for business and good for the planet.  Conserve energy and paper, reduce impact and save money.


Excel tool which is designed to help Further and Higher Education (FHE) Institutions estimate the in-use energy consumption, costs and carbon footprint of their non-residential ICT usage,

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