Low Carbon ICT: Green Rating Investment Tool, Carbon Fee Report & Data Centres” Webinar Report

This, the 7th in the series of webinars provided an informative overview as to how companies within the sector can take a series of practical measures to reduce their carbon footprint, ultimately making an impact on cost.

November 13 2017

Low Carbon ICT: Green Rating Investment Tool, Carbon Fee Report & Data Centers - 7th Webinar

Today the services, or tertiary sector, is driving the European economyTertiary Sector, the sector of the economy that concerns services, is nowadays the backbone of European economic, generating around 70 % of the EU's GDP and employment (source: Eurostat).

New GHG ICT Sector Guidance, SAT-S Ready to Use & Data Centres Standards proudly hosted its 6th webinar edition with an esteemed line-up of experts on ICT sustainability. Alex Bardell, Member of Executive Board at Sustainability for London, focused his presentation on Data Centres standards, reviewing them in relation to energy efficiency and sustainability.

Energy Teams across Europe really can save@work

Public Sector employees make fantastic energy savings. How much energy can a building save with a little help from the employee’s?  Quite a lot it would seem! Teams from 8 European countries came together in Brussels during European Sustainable Energy Week to discover which of them managed to save the most energy following a year-long behaviour change, energy saving competition for public sector employee’s. 

Understand the energy you consume in ICT: at REMOO participated at REMOO Conference & Workshop, in Venice (Italy) on 12th May 2017. REMOO is an annual international event, joining experts, researchers, industry leaders and investors from  countries all over the world, to meet and exchange knowledge, insights and experiences on multi-and cross disciplinary aspects of energy.

SCAVENGE offers ICT Training on “Energy Efficiency and Harvesting in Mobile Networks”

Between 29th May and 2nd June 2017, the SCAVENGE project is running a training course  “School 2 - Energy Efficiency and Harvesting in Mobile Networks”, at the University of Strathclyde, in Glasgow (UK).

May 15 2017

Solutions for Energy Management & Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) in ICT field

The 5th webinar gave insights into different solutions for energy management and LCA and how to manage the energy consumed by ICT.

April 27 2017

Smart Cities in hands with ICT sustainability: at SMARTGREENS

Last week attended SMARTGREENS 2017, in Porto, Portugal, a conference that brought together researchers, designers, developers and practitioners interested in the advances and applications in Smart Cities, Green Information and Communication Technologies, Sustainability, Energy Aware Systems and Technologies.

Want to become sustainable in ICT? Find suppliers & submit your request in marketplace marketplace is a business space where organisations interested in becoming more sustainable in ICT, so called buyers, can find support on making their business more energy efficient and sustainable in their ICT. The marketplace has a number of reliable and certified ICT solution providers, known as “sellers”, whose ICT products & services help organisations becoming more energy efficient in their ICT.

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