Circular Computing joins forces with EuroSys and provides environmentally friendly and affordable laptops Computing, a registered seller in marketplace, is working on the development of a network of specialized IT resellers in Europe to distribute their remanufactured laptops. These laptops are business laptops of 3 years old that were completely disassembled and completely renewed.

Self-Assessment Tool for Organisations (SAT-O): get to know your ICT carbon footprint & improve your competitiveness with green IT

If You Can't Measure It, You Can't Improve! Raising awareness on the environmental impact of ICT is the first step for reducing it. This is when the Self-Assessment Tool for Organisations (SAT-O) comes into play.

How to eco-design digital services? Focus on the GreenConcept project - Webinar Report

This, the 8th in the series of webinars provided an informative overview on how to incorporate eco-design into ICT services through presentation of the GreenConcept project. GreenConcept aims to help SMEs implement eco-design principles into the development of their digital services (including web site, social network, IOT appliance, and platform, amongst others).

March 02 2018

European industry launches new online platform on how to best recycle electronic waste

CECED and DIGITALEUROPE, jointly with the WEEE Forum, an international association of producer responsibility organisations and a centre of competence, are launching today a common online platform – the Information for Recyclers Platform (I4R). This new platform will allow recyclers to access information about the presence and location of materials and components that need separate treatment . The WEEE Forum will host and maintain the platform.

The EURECA moment: Counting the cost of running the UK’s public sector datacentres

The EU-backed EURECA project has spent the past 36 months assessing the state of public sector datacentres across Europe, and is revealing what it found

February 06 2018

How to ecodesign digital services? Focus on the GreenConcept project - 8th Webinar

On 28th February 2018 will host its 8th webinar. The webinar will demonstrate how to calculate the environmental impact of a digital service with Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodologies.

February 02 2018

The 14th EURECA Workshop in London

The EURECA project is organising its 14th Workshop, on 8th February 2018, at University Square Stratford in London (United Kingdom). This event brings together key public and private sector European experts and thought

January 25 2018

Trust EPC South Webinar - Independent Assessment of Energy Efficiency Building Renovations

The Trust EPC South consortium invites you to its first webinar on “Independent Assessment of Energy Efficiency Building Renovations – GREPCon service” on 1st February at 11am CET. In this webinar, Trust EPC South will present Energy Efficiency and Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) market opportunities in Europe, and as well in participating southern European countries.

December 12 2017

Do you work at an ICT company? Then it is time to START2ACT!

Most businesses rely on a range of office equipment in order to function. From the basic essentials such as computers, monitors, printers, fax machines and photocopiers to projectors, scanners and teleconference facilities, it is widely recognised that these items have become integral to daily activity. But it is not always appreciated how much these cost a company.  Office equipment is the fastest growing energy user in the business world, consuming 15% of the total electricity used in offices.

Low Carbon ICT: Green Rating Investment Tool, Carbon Fee Report & Data Centres” Webinar Report

This, the 7th in the series of webinars provided an informative overview as to how companies within the sector can take a series of practical measures to reduce their carbon footprint, ultimately making an impact on cost.

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