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The project main objective is to promote the adoption of carbon footprint calculation methodologies in the ICT sector. will help ICT sector by calculating its carbon footprint in an easy way, in order to decrease environmental impact and at the same time improve competitiveness. also plays a key role in raising awareness on energy efficiency issues through outreach and events.

Average: 2 (4 votes) will help ICT players by offering high-standard solutions and methodologies which will help reduce their carbon environmental footprint, such as carbon or energy footprint:
1. A self-assessment tool to guide end-users in measuring their ICT carbon and energy footprint. The tool will allow the user to perform a simplified evaluation of the carbon and energy footprint at product level or at organization level. The carbon and energy footprint’s calculation rules which will be implemented in the tool will be based on the best methodological standards for the ICT sector.
2. A helpdesk with fast response time providing assistance to organisations interested in using the methodologies and the self-assessment tool;
3. An online marketplace for sustainable solutions: bringing together the demand-side (e.g. SMEs willing to adopt low-carbon and energy footprint solutions) and the supply-side (e.g. low-carbon and energy footprint solution providers), and establishing a level playing field which effectively contributes to speeding up the uptake of carbon and energy efficient ICT solutions.
4.    Webinars & communication materials for continuous training and education on best practice ICT sustainable solutions;
5.    Best practices and success stories from several ICT players in adopting ICT footprint methodologies in Europe.


No votes yet is relevant to those who want to learn more about energy efficiency and carbon footprint methodologies for the ICT sector. will provide tools, knowledge and support to all those who want to address high levels of energy efficiency and decrease their carbon footprint.

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Europe is the primary audience of However, our services are relevant to anyone around the world and we welcome all users to our platform and services.

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No votes yet runs from February 2016 to January 2019. After that visitors will be able to continue to use the self-assessment tool, the online marketplace and will be able to access methodologies to facilitate the uptake on energy efficiency measures.

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