ICTFOOTPRINT.eu Final Event - Building an eco-friendly Green ICT Market as the lasting legacy of ICTFOOTPRINT.eu


ICTFOOTPRINT.eu Final Event - Building an eco-friendly Green ICT Market as the lasting legacy of ICTFOOTPRINT.eu

Jan 17 2019

LOCATION: @ The Egg in Brussels, Belgium
TIME: From 11:00 AM to 4.30 PM
THEME: Building an eco-friendly Green ICT Market as the lasting legacy of ICTFOOTPRINT.eu

ICTFOOTPRINT.eu event is co-located with Connected Smart Cities & Communities Conference (organised by OASC)


Purpose & Scope

The ICTFOOTPRINT.eu final event is thought of to consider as both a policy-oriented event, to showcase the results of the ICTFOOTPRINT.eu final policy roadmap deliverable as well as a chance to showcase all of the results achieved during the 36-month duration of the project. Based on the collaboration with AGIT for the workshop in Paris as well as the workshop in Amsterdam a global setting on discussing ICT Green issues is timely.

The day will also bring out insights around providing sound recommendations for energy-efficient ICT digital services that will contribute to the goals of the Paris Agreement. The study should analyse and propose future research priorities, ways to implement green public procurement of digital services also including data centres, and ways to stimulate the provisioning of eco-friendly cloud services. The latter is linked to a new study opened by the EC DG Connect Software & Services unit [1] that aims to have a study on energy-efficient cloud computing technologies & policies for an eco-friendly cloud market. The results of our day could contribute to supporting this study.  

The day will be a chance to peruse the assets of ICTFOOTPRINT namely:

Who should attend?

Innovators, ICT intensive SMEs wishing to become Green ICT friendly, Public administrations researchers, larger organisations policy makers and funding agencies looking to assess future priorities and challenges in Green ICT.

Key Benefits?

Participants will find out what Green ICT is all about and gain valuable insights on current research priorities and potential opportunities in the area of ICT energy efficiency and sustainability. The event will bring together a reputable group of expert opinion leaders who are knowledgeable about IT resource efficiency and green ICT, and a heterogeneous audience providing the perfect occasion for networking and to share experiences. Best practices and innovative solutions will be showcased completing the offerings of the final event. From the event, you can: 

  1. Develop your organisation’s Green ICT assessment with our ICTFOOTPRINTeu Light Certification Scheme
  2. Grab the opportunity to become a member on our ICTFOOTPRINT.eu marketplace as a buyer or seller and become part of our green ICT growing community 
  3. Gain a whole new understanding of why Green ICT should become your priority & how it can be affordable for SMEs;
  4. Learn about tools and products on the market in Europe today that are providing Green ICT products.
  5. Contribute to the Policy Dialogue around Green IT & ICT.


The Agenda (Draft)

Thursday, 17th January 2019
Time Description Speaker
09:00-10:30 Registration & keynote presentation at OASC Opening Plenary OASC Plenary Speakers
10:30-11:00 Networking Coffee - in synchronisation with OASC networking -
11:00-11:15 Welcome & ICTFOOTPRINT.eu Main Achievements (Presentation) Silvana Muscella - ICTFOOTPRINT.eu project coordinator & Trust-IT Services CEO
11:15-11:30 Green ICT and future policy vision under Horizon Europe (Presentation) Svetoslav Mihaylov - European Commission Project Officer H5 of ICTFOOTPRINT.eu
11:30-11:45 Green IT cities & The Green Digital Charter (Presentation) Nikolaos Kontinakis - EUROCITIES
11:45-12:00 Key insights from ICTFOOTPRINT.eu Policy Action Plan & Sustainability Roadmap (Presentation) Frédéric Croison - Deloitte Sustainability
12:00-12:15 #Europematters report "Europe 2030 - Towards a renewed European social contract

Dharmendra Kanani - Friends of Europe

12:15-12:30 OASC & Green IT (Presentation) Davor Meersman - OASC
12:30-13:30 Networking Lunch - in synchronisation with OASC networking -
13:30-14:30 Levers and Directions to increase levels of Green ICT - panel discussion

- David Wallom - Oxford e-Research Centre

- Beat Koch - Green IT Global

- Derek Webster - Andget Limited

- Pernilla Bergmark - Ericsoon (Presentation)

- Roel Castelein - Colruyt


Moderator: Chloé Devauzé, Deloitte Sustainability

14:35-15:35 European innovative tools & services to support ICT Carbon Footprint & improve ICT sustainability -  panel discussion

- Bob Crooks - British Computer Society  (Presentation)

- Rosario Piazzese - IFGICT

- John Booth - Carbon 3IT

Steve Haskew - Circular Computing (Presentation)

- Julie Orgelet - AGIT (Presentation)


Moderator: Frédéric Croison, Deloitte Sustainability

15:45-16:00 Wrap-up & Conclusions Silvana Muscella - ICTFOOTPRINT.eu project coordinator & Trust-IT Services CEO
16:15 Close -

Venue & Pratical Info

The event will take place at The Egg Brussels (Rue Bara, 175 - 1070 Brussels), situated in the heart of Europe’s capital city in walking distance from the South Station (SNCB, Thalys, Eurostar). We will welcome you at the lobby, at which time you will present your ID to the front desk staff to receive your visitor badge.

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