Deloitte Sustainability


Deloitte Sustainability is a centre of excellence and innovation in the field of sustainability, by providing consulting services and tailor-made tools to decision-makers worldwide. Deloitte Sustainability combines a culture of innovation and scientific excellence with deep experience across all economic sectors in order to assist public and private organisations achieve sustainable performance. Deloitte Sustainability offers its clients an international, multilingual, and highly technical team, composed primarily of engineers in a wide range of specialties, including manufacturing, process design, electronics, and environment.

Specifically for this project, Deloitte Sustainability will rely on its experts who have several years of experience in the quantification of environmental impacts of products, services and organisations in various economic sectors, of which the ICT sector.

Deloitte Sustainability has been strongly involved in a number of Intelligent Energy Europe, FP7, DG INFSO (now CONNECT) and private clients projects whose scope and activities are directly relevant to the objectives of the project.

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