ICTFOOTPRINT.eu Final Event - Building an eco-friendly Green ICT Market as the lasting legacy of ICTFOOTPRINT.eu

Jan 17 2019

ICTFOOTPRINT.eu is organizing its own Final Event at the Egg in Brussels (Belgium), on 17th January 2019 in collaboration  with OASC Connected Smart City Conference 2019. The theme: Building an eco-friendly Green ICT Market as the lasting legacy of ICTFOOTPRINT.eu . This is a full-day event, starting at 11:00 and finishing at 16:30.

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Green ICT In Practice: Low Carbon ICT - ICTFOOTPRINT.eu Networking Session at ICT2018

Dec 4 2018

ICTFOOTPRINT.eu is organising a 45 minutes networking session, in Vienna (Austria) at ICT2018 event. The networking session aims to raise the attention to the European stakeholders on energy efficiency in ICT and present the new "ICTFOOTPRINT.eu ICT Light Carbon Footprint Certification Scheme".

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ICTFOOTPRINT.eu Workshop Event - European Policy levers towards Green IT

Sep 24 2018

ICTFOOTPRINT.eu is organising a half-day workshop, in Paris (France), on 24 September 2018, in collaboration with AGIT - Alliance Green IT. The workshop goal is to sensibilise people to on policy actions that support the development of green ICT in Europe. The workshop is a half-day event, starting at 13:30 and finishing at 18:30 with a networking cocktail.

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ICTFOOTPRINT.eu Hands on Workshop Event “Green ICT – in practice”

Mar 20 2018

SAVE THE DATE: ICTFOOTPRINT.eu is organising a half-day "Hands on Workshop Event: Green ICT – in practice”, in Amsterdam (The Netherlands), on 20th March 2018, to sensibilise people to understand what Green ICT is for companies. Register now.

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ICTFOOTPRINT.eu 18th May 2016 “End-user requirements gathering & validation” meeting

May 18 2016

The meeting is an opportunity SMEs to start planning their strategy to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon footprint with the help of ICTFOOTPRINT.eu

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