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Become "THE" consolidated effort that, at European level, raises awareness on metrics, methodologies & best practices in measuring the energy and environmental efficiency of the ICT sector, to facilitate their broad deployment & uptake. The central goal of is therefore to help organisations in calculating their carbon footprint in an easy way, in order to decrease the environmental impact and to improve businesses' competitiveness.

WHY offers a set of high-standard solutions and methodologies that aim at helping organisations in addressing their needs regarding carbon footprint consumption. is the 36-months European support action in the field of energy & environmental efficiency in the ICT sector. It is funded by the European Commission under the Horizon2020 Programme, H2020-LCE-2015-3


What are services?

  1. Marketplace of ICT energy & resource sustainable solutions. It's the meeting point for demand side (SMEs willing to adopt low-carbon footprint solutions) and supply-side (low-carbon footprint solution Providers), establishing a level playing field & effectively contributing to speeding up the uptake of energy efficient ICT solutions.

  2. Methodologies: as the technical basis upon which ICT energy efficiency and low carbon solutions can be adopted, they will be publicly available, guiding SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprises), Policy makers and SDOs to understand & measure their ICT carbon footprint using standards, procedures and metrics.

  3. Helpdesk with high-standard response time: provide assistance to organisations interested in using the methodologies. It will be dedicated to support the SMEs interested in adopting LCE methodologies and that have low experience in choosing the best ones. Here end-users can receive support and access documents them understanding the importance of the adoption of best practices.

  4. Self-Assessment Tool: an incredibly easy-to-use online tool to help you to calculate the carbon footprint of your organisation, providing you a final FREE report specifically generated for you by our carbon footprint experts that analyze your situation, also suggesting you possible ways to decrease your footprint & the impact on your business.

  5. Webinars & communication materials for a continuous training and education on best ICT green solutions;

  6. Success Stories in adopting ICT footprint methodologies all over Europe.


Web Application Framework Tool of

Who can join

  1. ICT-Intensive Small & Medium Enterprises
  2. ICT Services Providers (data centres and telecommunication networks)
  3. SDOs (Standards Development Organisations)
  4. Public Administrations and Policy Makers

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