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The SAT-S in a nutshell:
The Self-Assessment Tool for ICT Services (SAT-S) is a simplified calculator that allows you to estimate the carbon and energy footprint of web-based digital services (e.g. web-based services involving end user devices, transmission networks and datacentres).

The main objective is to raise awareness on the potential impacts and main environmental hotspots of digital services. The SAT-S is also a practical introduction to quantitative environmental evaluation methods (in general and applicable to ICT services).

When using the SAT-S, you will gain a practical insight of:

  • What stages may significantly influence the energy and carbon footprint of the ICT service you are assessing, in particular the ones that are not controlled by the service provider/user;
  • The potential difference in results between primary energy footprint and carbon footprint: even if the two indicators are often highly correlated, in some cases, the results can be decoupled;
  • A comparison of environmental impacts of two services providing the exact same function (e.g. a “standard’ service and an ecodesigned version of the service).

Please notice that SAT-S does not aim to:

  • Conduct a robust and exhaustive environmental assessment of an ICT service. The results are not strictly compliant with one existing standard and cannot be used for eco-design or external communication purposes; rather SAT-S leverages on several calculation methodologies in order to allow a quick assessment for the unexperienced user.
  • Make any comparison between services with a distinct function (e.g. two similar services provided by distinct companies); rather SAT-S aims to increase awareness on best practices in the ICT services field in order to increase European excellence in energy efficiency in ICT


Finally, the SAT-S will provide you with a personalised report that shows the approximate climate change and primary energy footprint of the ICT service you wanted to assess over one year and the rough positioning of your performances with respect to other users and common life situations.

Currently the calculation excludes additional storage such as that used for e-mail services


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