Extreme Low Energy


ELe's desktop computing range utilises the Intel NUC and operates between 25 and 35 watts - that's the NUC and monitor!

Transmission was globally standardised on AC (Alternate Current) based power and until relatively recently has met our needs, in today’s world of computers and mobile phones, which require DC (Direct Current) power, this method of transmission has become extremely inefficient.

ELe technologies cut out the wasteful AC/DC conversion process with an innovative DC based power infrastructure and a new generation of low energy, DC powered devices including computers.

ELe has brought together and adapted existing technologies to create an innovative solution. ELe has removed all moving parts and inefficiencies in end-to-end DC power solution. The solution uses high-powered DC electricity distributed in a safe and energy efficient manner over computer network cabling (Cat 5/6 Ethernet). Until now this has been used for security and telephony but never to distribute power.

The ELe retrofit solution is disruptive as it utilises the existing cabling infrastructure; no rewiring is required so the solution can be installed with minimal work. Likewise the ELe new build potential is substantial as it changes the way buildings are designed for maximum efficiency and return. ELe offers a richer computing environment, alongside its unique and innovative approach to energy infrastructure utilising only DC power – a huge shift from the norm, imagine computers without plugs!

Additionally, combined with ELe’s lithium ion battery systems, the DC infrastructure solution allows the most efficient adoption of alternative energy solutions, eliminating the need for mains electricity and allowing customers to operate partially or fully off grid.

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