PuzzlePhone - Finland

PuzzlePhone - Finland

Claim To Fame: 

PuzzlePhone it's the long­-lasting smartphone with three easy-to-change modules. (Like a puzzle. Except this is a phone.) Buying a new phone every time you drop it is now history. PuzzlePhone is reliable, upgradeable - ­even repairable! Need more power? Break your screen? Dead battery? All are easily replaced - by the user!

Circular Devices
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Small and Medium Enterprise
Alejandro Santacreu
Main benefits & Achieved Results : 

Sustainability in the mobile phone business: it's no longer a cliche. Talk is cheap. "Green" and "sustainable" may go down in history as the great cliches of the 21st century, the era of greenwashing and carbon export to foreign shores. If we truly believe in sustainability, then just why do we replace our phones so often? PuzzlePhone aspires to make modern communication and sustainability no longer a contradiction in terms.

Manufactured in Finland, PuzzlePhone's sustainable business ecosystem may be cut and pasted anywhere in the rest of the world. bring your phone back to life by changing a single module. It’s fast and cost-efficient.

Create an entire device or a module for a specific need. Optimize the use of smartphone as an essential tool for getting the job done. Or perhaps your module is an upgrade for everyday use. With us you can create functionalities like action camera, walkie-talkie, chemical sensors and bulletproof body.

The ultimate in customizable smartphones welcomes accessory makers. Both internally and externally, PuzzlePhone can be customized and personalized. Why stop with a bullet­proof cover? The ways of personalizing a PuzzlePhone are virtually limitless. To attach the protection covers, arm straps, etc.


  • Electronics - Lasts up to ten years (or until obsolescence);
  • Battery - Lasts up to three years (or until malfunction)
  • Screen - Lasts ten years (unless you break it)


Presentation of the initiative: 

PuzzlePhone's Design philosophy is rooted in a blend of usability and sustainability. Nordic Design focussed on subtle and functional forms, optimal use of available resources and materials. Longer-lasting products with carefully selected eco-friendly materials, combined with practicality.

PuzzlePhone is the winner of the the Green Electronics Council 2016 Catalyzing Disruptive Innovation Award!

More info here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-TzEFxAlLhc

Commitments for the future & other relevant information: 

PuzzlePhone's team keeps dedication to move our common dream for sustainable, safe and modular smartphone forward.

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