During this second year of the Project, running from the 1st February 2017 until the 31st of January 2018, ICTFOOTPRINT.eu achieved a series of specific goals, actions and objectives, in compliance with the KPIs defined in previous reports.

This report describes how the consortium successfully matched each ICTFOOTPRINT.eu service to the appropriate set of stakeholders, thanks to customised, meaningful communications, with carefully-planned copy strategies, disseminated based on specific challenges. This year was one of consolidation both for the ICTFOOTPRINT.eu services and community, which is made up of a wide variety of stakeholders, influencers and multipliers, highly engaged in ICTFOOTPRINT.eu core topics. The communication and outreach activities on events, webinars, marketplace, SAT-S, success stories, and EAG are highlighted, amongst others.

With the consolidation of ICTFOOTPRINT.eu services and the launch of SAT-O in early 2018, the focus for the 3rd year is to make all community members into active users of ICTFOOTPRINT.eu tools, sharing their expertise. At the same time, as ICTFOOTPRINT.eu intends to actively contribute to ICT sustainability at the end of the funding, the months to come will be also be devoted not only to developing a policy action plan, with recommendations as to how ICT sectors can embrace faster sustainability, and a plan which demonstrates how key stakeholders will be interested in re-using/adopting the ICTFOOTPRINT services.

The document is spit into specific sections, listing the results achieved during the second year of the project and providing a plan for the third-year timeframe:

  • Section 1: brief description of ICTFOOTPRINT.eu services and stakeholders;
  • Section 2: summary of the goals, action and communication on planned and achieved objectives during the year;
  • Section 3: provides detailed information on how the project generated interest in each ICTFOOTPRINT.eu service, by using the communication and outreach activities implemented: including social media, events, newsletters, synergies, desktop research, customised messages;
  • Section 4: describes the plans and communication activities foreseen for year 3, which communication activities will be performed to implement each service are described.

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