Hands-on Green IT: use tools, obtain certification & implement policy actions

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Hands-on Green IT: use tools, obtain certification & implement policy actions

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

There’s no doubt that ICT equipment has a tremendous impact on our environment in terms of raw materials used and energy consumption.  Not to mention its end-of-life disposal. The amount of electricity consumed make this a major contributor to the current levels of carbon and greenhouse gas emissions reached, with alarming forecasts if measures are not taken to reverse its effects. As the volume and variety of devices in usage has grown, controlling the costs and environmental impact associated with these products has moved to the top of the agenda. Today Green IT is no longer a question of mere “social responsibility” but can also help business gain real competitive advantages.

Green IT can be defined as “The efficient application of intelligent, energy- and eco-friendly technology and techniques throughout the organisation”. Investments on becoming green in IT pay for themselves, as they make businesses more energy efficient and therefore more profitable through the savings made.   Maximising energy savings and decreasing the carbon footprint through the entire life cycle assessment (LCA), increases business resiliency and dramatically reduces energy consumption.  Efficient use of resources and a lifecycle approach, from cradle to grave, contribute to lowering carbon emissions.

This mindset not only ignites public debate by private organisations, but also in the public sector. Governments play a critical role in securing a more efficient use of IT resources. Implementation of sustainable IT policies stimulates a critical mass of demand for more sustainable goods and services, otherwise difficult to get to market. Green IT policies boost eco-innovation and foster green IT growth, as citizens move towards a more sustainable IT approach.

ICTFOOTPRINT.eu organised its final webinar, on 29th January, 11:00 AM CET, to showcase tools to decrease & certify the environmental impact of your ICT

Who are the speakers?

Beat Koch (founding member of Green IT Switzerland and partner at GreenITPLUS GmbH) presented generic web applications for assessments and catalogues, developed by Green IT Switzerland to improve your ICT sustainability and in particular, how and why these tools were developed, what features they offer and their practical use.

Frédéric Croison (Manager at Deloitte Sustainability), provided some first insights from the “ICTFOOTPRINT.eu Policy Action Plan and Sustainability Roadmap”, with a list of recommendations and actions to support Sustainable and Green IT market development across Europe.

Silvana Muscella (Project Coordinator of ICTFOOTPRINT.eu and CEO of Trust-IT Services) presentation focused on the “ICTFOOTPRINT.eu Light Certification Scheme”, developed in partnership with ICIM. This certifies your organisation's current level of carbon footprint generated by ICT usage. Completion of the process produces your own personalised certificate and makes you part of the list of virtuous, ICT-intensive organisations.

Why should you join the webinar?

  • Learn more about tools & certifications that will improve the sustainability levels of your IT equipment in your organisation;
  • Start benefiting from the advantages of sustainable ICT and reduced energy costs;
  • Join free of charge and in just 1 hour you’ll have a focused and clear idea of how you can improve your sustainability levels in ICT.

Hands-on Green IT: use tools, obtain certification & implement policy actions


Beat Koch - Green IT Switzerland & GreenITPLUS

Beat Koch is a founding member of Green IT Switzerland and partner at GreenITPLUS GmbH. He is a software engineer and environmental consultant focusing on sustainable ICT procurement, operation and disposal. Beat is the developer of the assessment and catalogue tools presented in the webinar

Frédéric Croison - Deloitte Sustainability

Frédéric Croisson is a Manager at Deloitte Sustainability, an institution specialised in research and consultancy in the field of environmental information on products, being its expertise is widely recognised in France and in Europe. A pioneer in the domain of life cycle assessments, Deloitte offers a wide range of services covering the entire life cycle of environmental information on products & services to expert and non-expert audiences.

Silvana Muscella - Trust-IT Services
Silvana Muscella

Silvana Muscella is CEO & founder of Trust-IT Services. She tackles high-level strategy building, business acquisition, coordination and strategic marketing and communication developments in ICT, namely in cloud computing tools & services & cybersecurity, ICT in energy efficiency. Has played an instrumental role in connecting stakeholders around standardisation efforts in distributed computing (namely, IEEE, ETSI, OGF, SNIA, DMTF, OASIS, ITU-T) & excellent relations with NIST. Currently Coordinator of ICTFOOTPRINT.eu, the EU framework for energy & environmental efficiency in the ICT sector. Among her appointments, she is an ACM professional member, member of the Green Grid, member of ECSO & IEEE InterCloud Computing Initiative

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