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Verne Global owns and operates a 44-acre data center campus in Keflavik, Iceland. As a strategic location between the world’s two largest data center markets, Europe and North America, Verne Global is addressing two key issues facing today’s data revolution - power pricing and availability. Verne Global offers data center decision makers an affordable 100% carbon neutral power solution with unparalleled pricing predictability; a range of server density options; and efficiency without extra expense by using natural cooling.

At Verne Global, we offer an ultra-green solution that will drastically reduce not only your enterprise IT’s carbon footprint, but also your power costs. Our data center campus located near Keflavik, Iceland incorporates innovative, energy-efficient design and sustainable technologies which together have created one of the industry’s most advanced and environmentally friendly data centers.

Benefit for Customer: 
If corporate sustainability is central to your business, allow Verne Global to transform your data’s carbon footprint. By harnessing the natural attributes of Iceland and the design excellence of our data center campus, we can help you achieve your sustainability goals.

Target Sector: 
Enterprise users across multiple industry verticals, especially those using High Performance Computing

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