GREENSPECTOR is the editor of GREENSPECTOR®, the first solution for software eco-design. The GREENSPECTOR suite allows IT teams to lower the consumption of resources of software that they make - or receive. The gains resulting from this approach allow longer battery life on mobile devices, lower exploitation costs in datacenters or cloud services, and overall performance improvement for software applications. GREENSPECTOR is used by major companies in Europe and Asia.

GREENSPECTOR is used by software developers to increase the efficiency of the software they are making or maintaining. The aim is to lower the consumption of hardware resources (CPU, RAM) and energy consumption. GREENSPECTOR features include metering capacity on mobile devices, PCs or servers (because you can’t control what you can’t measure). GREENSPECTOR also scans the source code against a unique database of 150+ “green” eco-design rules to apply. All issues are gathered in a comprehensive dashboard and an action plan, with priority levels according to the user’s goals.

Benefit for Customer: 
A more efficient software has benefits on user experience and user engagement, through lower loading time, lower response time... On mobile devices, it is vital to spare the user’s battery life. On servers, the lower power consumption results in lower electricity bills and GHG emissions. It makes good sense from both economic and ecological points of view. Some of our previous customers have managed to lower their software resources consumption by 30 to 80%, leading to high increases in battery life and/or significant decreases in response time.

Target Sector: 
Our customers are major companies which rely on software of their operations, meaning they can be in any sector. Of course, IT services companies are also primarily concerned.

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