Green IT Benchmark

The Green IT Benchmark is a tool designed and developped by Club Green IT to enable its members (big companies such as Aperam, Engie, Pôle emploi, Renault, Solocal, etc.) compare their information system environmental footprint and their maturity level concerning Green IT. The benchmark is based on an LCA (screening) model and on a 65 Green IT best practices repository and an evaluation system. This tool has been used for years by dozens of national and international companies and in partnership with WWF France, Cigref, CDDD, etc.

Evaluate information system footprint and green IT maturity and compare it with other companies

Benefit for Customer: 
- quantify environmental footprint of IT / information system even without any knowledge in LCA methodology - identify hot-spot to focus on in priority; - identify which best practices to deploy; - quantify environmental benefits of each best practice

Club Green IT annual membership fee (around 10,000 euros)



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