CurrentState™ Sustainability Reports and CurrentState™ Dashboard

CurrentState™ Sustainability Reports deliver world-class intelligence and analytics. Reports capture an organization's sustainability performance at a given time across over 25 different categories.  Reports are based on the Sustainability Management Framework (SMF). Using the SMF ensures that reports are comprehensive and the information and analysis is accurate and timely.  

CurrentState™ Sustainability Reports contains a wealth of useful information.  Here are some of the most important elements.

  • In-Depth Analysis - CurrentState™ scores an organization's performance across over 25 business categories. It highlights detailed performance data that includes task lists, maturity metrics and gap analysis.
  • Clear, Concise Charts & Diagrams - The Findings Report contains beautiful, easy-to-read and boardroom ready charts, graphs and task lists. 
  • A roadmap of the specific steps needed to improve performance - Reports include Quick Wins and Recommendations of specific steps and initiatives that should be considered or completed. 
  • Compare Different Locations, Apples-to-Apples - CurrentState™ can help bring an entire organization together.  Different locations will be able to communicate using exactly the same data, metrics and practices.


Does your organization have a Sustainability Dashboard?  CurrentState™ Dashboard is the management tool every sustainability manager needs.  Dashboard is based on the Sustainability Management Framework and enables an organization to document, update, report and archive all sustainability activity in real-time.  

Every aspect of sustainability at your fingertips

Dashboard is based on the Sustainability Management Framework. The framework organizes sustainability into 3 main categories and over 25 sub-categories. These sub-categories contain over 1400 sustainability Best Practices - so no detail of sustainability is overlooked. The Dashboards is customized to track your progress for every Best Practice that is relevant to your business. As tasks are completed, these are reflected in real-time in your performance scores and new tasks are generated.

View your sustainability performance in the Dashboards

Sustainability performance is calculated in real-time across all of the sustainability categories and displayed in several beautiful charts and graphs.  These are found on the Dashboard tabs in the tool.  The charts and graphs are all in standard Microsoft Office format, so they can be formatted and placed into documents and reports with ease. The following are the standard charts generated in Dashboard:

  • scoring summaries
  • category scoring
  • stakeholder analysis
  • materiality

All locations are on the same page - even suppliers

By distributing Dashboard to all locations, the exact same sustainability data can be gathered across an entire organization.  Performance scores will compare apples-to-apple at different locations in real-time.  Implementing sustainability policies, procedures, practices and new initiatives has never been easier to manage.  In addition, if your supplier Code of Conduct is reflected in your Dashboard, this can be distributed to your suppliers to ensure compliance.

CurrentState™ products and services are used in two ways. CurrentState™ Sustainability Reports capture the sustainability performance of an organization at a specific point in time. The report covers over 25 sustainability categories and over 1400 Industry Best Practices. CurrentState™ Dashboard is a sustainability tracking, reporting and documentation tool. Use Dashboard to track progress on your entire sustainability program. Print a variety of charts and graphs to document your current performance or the performance of a period of time. Dashboard is also used to bring all locations together, under one sustainability tracking platform.

Benefit for Customer: 
CurrentState™ products and services help sustainability managers and decision-makers improve and document Sustainability Performance. CurrentState™ offers real-time tracking and documentation tools that cover over 1400 industry best practices. Ideal for both large and small companies in any market segment.

Target Sector: 
All businesses and non-profits

Service rang in price from $750 USD to $5000. CurrentState™ Dashboard - From $2500 per license CurrentState™ Small Business Report - $1500 The CurrentState™ Standard Report - $2500 CurrentState™ Enterprise Report - $4000 CurrentState™ Enterprise Plus Report - $5000

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