Want to become sustainable in ICT? Find suppliers & submit your request in ICTFOOTPRINT.eu marketplace

Want to become sustainable in ICT? Find suppliers & submit your request in ICTFOOTPRINT.eu marketplace

Posted by r.meneses

What’s holding back ICT organisations from becoming green in ICT?

One of the reasons mentioned by over 60% of ICT organisations for not making their ICT more efficient and sustainable is the lack of time and resources to implement sustainable ICT procedures. Plus, around 43% indicated as well that the lack of knowledge to identify the right sustainable ICT solutions for their business is another explanation why they don’t embrace the benefits of becoming ICT sustainable (Source).

Having higher levels of energy savings and sustainability in ICT allows organisations to achieve cost savings and competitive advantages for their businesses. With 10 million SMEs in the EU, the sector can save €600 billion by 2020 just from lower levels of energy consumption.

ICTFOOTPRINT.eu’s mission is to support ICT sector in discovering sustainable solutions and start becoming carbon and energy efficient.

ICTFOOTPRINT.eu marketplace: a business centre to find sellers & ask support on becoming sustainable in ICT

ICTFOOTPRINT.eu marketplace is a business space where organisations interested in becoming more sustainable in ICT, so called buyers, can find support on making their business more energy efficient and sustainable in their ICT.

ICTFOOTPRINT.eu marketplace is totally free! 
It does not take any commission from both buyers and sellers.

The marketplace has a number of reliable and certified ICT solution providers, known as “sellers”, whose ICT products & services help organisations becoming more energy efficient in their ICT.

Sellers are organised into 6 categories (Hardware, Software, Connectivity, Data Management, Advisory/Consultancy, and Certifications & Other services), allowing buyers to easily find a holistic support for their ICT needs.

Buyers can find guidance for their sustainable ICT needs in two main ways:

  • Find and contact directly the seller with the most suitable services & products for their ICT needs.
  • Publish his own specific requests for ICT sustainable & energy efficient solutions, which will be automatically forward to all “sellers” in the marketplace.

The marketplace will effectively contribute to speeding up the uptake of energy efficient ICT solutions.


If you are a Large Corporation, SME, Public Administration or anyone else who would like to improve your energy efficiency and become sustainable in ICT, the ICTFOOTPRINT.eu marketplace is the right place to go.



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Want to become sustainable in ICT? Find suppliers & submit your request in ICTFOOTPRINT.eu marketplace | ICTFOOTPRINT.eu


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