Submit your SUCCESS STORY in Sustainable ICT & Gain Visibility of a Wide International Community

Submit your SUCCESS STORY in Sustainable ICT & Gain Visibility of a Wide International Community

Posted by r.meneses

The IT energy crisis is upon us. ICT accounts for 8-10% of the European Union’s electricity consumption and up to 4% of its carbon emissions! By becoming energy efficient, the ICT sector could save up to 600 billion EURO by decreasing just 15% of its emissions in 2020, according to a report from The Climate Group.

Despite these advantages, 55% of firms say they find it hard to make resource efficiency a part of their core business. Why is it so hard, you may ask? Briefly, the main barriers for organisations to become sustainable in ICT are:

  • Lack of awareness on tangible benefits and sustainable ICT practices;
  • Lack of expertise to identify the right sustainable solutions for their business.

ICT players must be aware of the competitive advantages of becoming ICT sustainable. How can we achieve this?

Showcasing Success Stories on sustainable ICT, including YOUR SUCCESS STORY! wants to promote Success Stories/Case Studies on sustainable ICT, to be published in the Success Stories area. Success Stories help ICT players see how their peers have achieved low carbon footprint results and competitive advantages, namely costs reduction.

Submit your Success Story right now: it is free and easy and you will gain valuable visibility to a pan-European community highly interested in sustainable ICT

Why submit a Success Story?


Is your company/city a success story regarding ICT energy efficiency? Do you know a success story about energy efficiency in ICT?


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