How Energy efficiency can drive business growth - A webinars series to support competitiveness of European SMEs in the ICT sector

How Energy efficiency can drive business growth - A webinars series to support competitiveness of European SMEs in the ICT sector

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Why Webinars on energy efficiency in ICT?

SMEs are the backbone of the European economy, with almost 800,000 of them playing in the ICT sector, where they employ some 5.8 million workers. Besides, ICT is currently responsible for 8-10% of the European Union’s electricity consumption and up to 4% of its carbon emissions, but 55% of firms say they find it hard to make resource efficiency a part of their core business.

The ICT sector could save EUR 600 billion thanks to energy efficiency in 2020 by decreasing just 15% of its emissions, according to a report from The Climate Group. There is a pressing need for the European ICT sector to take a leading role in energy efficiency and to reduce the overall costs. Approaching the topic of energy efficiency and carbon footprint now ensures your SME a competitive edge for the coming years!

1st Webinar – 12th July 2016 - “How Energy efficiency can lead your business growth”

SMEs must plan their strategy to improve energy efficiency and reduce their carbon footprint: The first webinar provided by is an opportunity to get a head start along this path, by gaining free, insightful and updated knowledge on ICT energy efficiency.

In this 30-minute webinar, Silvana Muscella, CEO of Trust-IT Services, and Benoît Tinetti from Deloitte Sustainability will share their broad experience on the value of energy efficiency in ICT. The relevance of sustainable energy measures in ICT will be explained, showing how it leads to business growth and competitive edge. The audience will learn how can help in the journey to energy efficiency. The webinar will present also the business opportunities stemming from launch of the online marketplace.

The webinar brings together both demand & supply side of more environmentally friendly solutions in ICT: organisations willing to adopt low-carbon footprint and energy efficient solutions for their ICT needs, as well as low-carbon footprint solution providers. A level playing field will be established to accelerate the uptake of energy efficient ICT solutions among ICT-intensive organisations in Europe.

The webinar is for any European ICT player that needs to improve its energy efficiency in ICT.

To join the webinar (July 12th at 14:30 CEST) is free of charge: simply register here

ICT Webinars for information, training and support: A series of 12 events, free of cost and open to all is launching a series of 12 on-line webinars. From July 12th 2016 and until late 2018, will inform, encourage and support players of the ICT sector to adopt energy efficiency processes in their businesses. will offer a compelling set of tips and tools to tackle energy efficiency themes and let you enjoy competitive edge from practicing energy efficiency in your ICT processes & procedures.

Want to know more how improve your energy efficiency? Visit our Services page to see how can help you.

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How Energy efficiency can drive business growth - A webinars series to support competitiveness of European SMEs in the ICT sector |


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