Civil Servants & Politicians learn how helps on low carbon footprint in ICT

October 25 2016

Civil Servants & Politicians learn how helps on low carbon footprint in ICT

Posted by r.meneses

The joint meeting of “Knowledge Society and Mobility Forums” took place on 17-19 October, in Tampere, Finland, aiming to update the audience on the latest EU policy developments, related to knowledge society themes.

At the event, ( made a presentation to around 40 attendees, mostly civil servants and politicians representing 13 different European cities. positioned itself as the platform which supports cities and public administrators to go for low carbon footprint in their ICT. A highly engaged sustainable IT audience became therefore aware of the practical benefits they can get from becoming part of the community.

Below some 6 entry points to services, practical information and opportunities for collaboration that are readily available on are listed.

Training, support and inspiration services to make cities sustainable

1) Success stories of how low-carbon footprint solutions in ICT can generate cost savings and represent competitive for cities are available on Cities can see how their peers have achieved low carbon footprint results. Also Cities can tell us their story of energy efficiency in ICT, to showcase it to the pan-European audience of Write to us at

2) An online multilingual helpdesk (ENG, FR, DE, ES, IT) is available to assist Cities to become savvy in green ICT, reducing environmental impact & energy consumption.

3) 12 ICT Webinars for information, training and support, free of cost and open to all, are the perfect opportunity to gain awareness & specific knowledge in a short 30-40’ online session. Check the next available webinar, or just watch the pre-recorded ones, all available on the portal.

Find sustainable partners and know your ICT city profile

4)  An online marketplace for cities to find ICT suppliers for energy efficient and low carbon footprint solutions is available. Conversely, Public Administrations can request specific low-carbon ICT products & services, as well as showcase their own sustainable ICT procurement policies.

5) In order to improve, you need to measure! From December 2016, the Self-assessment tool, based on the most advanced carbon footprint calculation methodologies will support and guide Cities in adopting the ICT methodologies based on their profile indicated in the web application.. welcomes cities to join the community

With 75% of total European population living in urban areas, sustainable ICT can play a significant role to improve the carbon footprint of cities by moving to a more intelligent use of energy. Cities need to acquire or develop on their path to becoming smarter, in order to be future leaders in energy efficiency in ICT sector and get cost savings, which can reach over 500.000 euros each year. supports cities to help their local communities to increase their competitiveness through energy efficiency and low levels of carbon footprint in ICT.

6) Cities can pre-register to services ( to start benefiting from them as soon as they become available.

Check the Powerpoint Presentation at Knowledge Society and Mobility Forums

See the photos of at the event

2016-10-17 Knowledge Society and Mobility Forums

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Civil Servants & Politicians learn how helps on low carbon footprint in ICT |


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