Logicalis - UK

Logicalis - UK

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Logicalis manages the performance of its data centres worldwide by looking at the Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) and other performance metrics such as the number of W per active server or the server utilisation rate. The performance is monitored through the use of a relevant software, which captures the data of interest across the data centre .

Logicalis is committed to data centers that are energy- and cost-efficient. Because cooling makes up almost 50% of your total energy spend in a data center, Logicalis' data centers use minimal water and electricity for cooling activities, meaning they cost less in the long run. Logicalis also utilizes solar power in our data center builds, further reducing the cost and doing their part to take advantages of renewable energy resources.

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Large Enterprise
Main benefits & Achieved Results : 

"Capture power and cooling information in real time"

With this data center management software, you can create standard and custom metrics such as Power Usage Efficiency (PUE) to benchmark your data centers, facilities equipment and IT assets. It also helps you decide where to place new racks by identifying where excess cooling and power are available so that you can efficiently manage energy and service costs. In addition, CA DCIM can measure and analyze power load and consumption across multiple devices, systems, buildings and data centers.

"Main Benefits"

- Enables data collection from multiple systems and protocols, reducing manual efforts
- Provides data center monitoring and alarming for facilities with visualization of power, space and cooling data for insight, analysis and control
- Enables capacity data center management software for more effective use of data center infrastructure and planning
- Provides visibility into space and power utilization, allowing for smart, real-time decision making

Using CA DCIM, Logicalis has achieved an impressive 159 percent return on investment and an 11-month payback.

Presentation of the initiative: 

Logicalis UK deployed CA ecoSoftware to help measure, manage and reduce the consumption of power in the data center. CA ecoSoftware enables Logicalis UK to collect and analyze data from points throughout the data center to provide detailed real-time insight into energy use and efficiency. It supplies status, alerting and management information to increase the reliability of operations.

In addition, CA ecoSoftware helps enable Logicalis UK to provide customers with more accurate data center efficiency metrics and energy billings, both of which have become increasingly important when providing cloud computing services. CA ecoSoftware also helps Logicalis UK identify inefficient power use, which can significantly reduce unnecessary electricity costs, make better use of available power capacity, and mitigate the carbon footprint associated with data center operations.

For more information, please see: http://www3.ca.com/us/opscenter/ca-dcim.aspx

Commitments for the future & other relevant information: 

Logicalis is constantly seeking new ways of measuring and improving its sustainability performance.

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