The following report comprises a detailed approach to the ICTFOOTPRINT.eu communication strategy and outreach of year one of the project spanning from 01/02/2016 – 31/01/2017. The specific goals, actions and communication objectives, with corresponding KPIs are described.

The consortium describes how it works first from stakeholder needs and then delivers high-impact communication messages and dissemination activities around specific channels, means and languages to cater for the different stakeholders’ content ICTFOOTPRINT is aimed at. Once the stakeholders have been identified, the content rich information is regularly communicated; the next step is to deliver it through the various communication tools and services the results-oriented messaging. The report will outline the communication and outreach activities and the means, such as videos, website, events, webinars, and communications materials used to deliver the communication in year one together with its related impact.

The document is divided in specific activity sections, listing the results achieved during year one of the project:

  • Section 1 has a brief description of the ICTFOOTPRINT.eu services available so far.
  • Section 2 describes the project’s stakeholders and audiences.
  • Section 3 lists the general communication goals and objectives achieved during the year.
  • Section 4 provides more detailed information about all the communication & outreach activities performed. Website, social media, events, communication materials, newsletter and synergies are examples of categories described in this section, including a dedicated subsection about risks and contingencies.
  • Section 5 describes the plans and foreseen communication activities for the year 2 of the project.

All ICTFOOTPRINT.eu communication and outreach activities performed aimed to maximise the outreach, dissemination and exploitation impacts of the project during the first year, with the intent to have the same effect during the whole project lifetime and after its conclusion.

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