China Southern Power Grid, China

China Southern Power Grid, China

Claim To Fame: 

An ICT-enabled smart grid lower costs and energy consumption. China Southern Power Grid have piloted a smart grid empowered by wireless broadband provided by Huawei. This ICT-enabled Smart grid can not only save energy and reduce emissions, but also increases power supply reliability, with a high capacity and bandwidth, laying the foundation for smart homes benefitting citizens across the region.

China Southern Power Grid
Organisation Type: 
Public Company
Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan, Guizhou and Hainan chinese provinces
Main benefits & Achieved Results : 

A decrease in costs by 5% which is a definite return on investment for China Southern Power Grid.

Presentation of the initiative: 

China Southern Power Grid currently provides electricity to a staggering 230 million people. With an ever-growing middle class expected to make up 70% of the population by 2030, electricity grids serving the Chinese market will have to support a dramatically increasing consumption. Efficiency is key to improving existing electricity grids, in order to provide reliable power to such a growing population. As one of the world’s economic power-houses, China has started to prioritise clean energy and CO2 emissions reduction by developing an energy system that is efficient, reliable and environmentally responsible, focusing on clean energy and low carbon emissions.

Commitments for the future & other relevant information: 

The next-generation power networks will facilitate distributed and renewable energy sources, be highly automated and exploit the Internet of Things.

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