Point de M.I.R, Maison de l’Informatique Responsable - France

Point de M.I.R, Maison de l’Informatique Responsable - France

Claim To Fame: 

A screening and debate around the film : "Rare Earth: the Dirty War“ was organized to increase the awareness of digital users regarding the impact of the extraction of rare earth metals.

Point de M.I.R, Maison de l’Informatique Responsable
Organisation Type: 
IT Consultancy/Development
Main benefits & Achieved Results : 

- Type of audience: students, NGOs, local associations, individuals, local elected officials.
- Number of attendes: 150 people
- Number of book sold: 40 books

Presentation of the initiative: 

The main goal was to inform the public about the crucial issue of rare earth metals, in a period of ecological transition.
Speakers : Guillaume Pitron, journalist at Le Monde diplomatique , director and author, and Fabrice Flipo, professor of philosophy of techniques, Telecom EM Paris.
Film screening (52’) and debate (90’).
The conference was organized by Point de MIR, the house of sustainable IT, promoting the use of sustainable and responsible IT by different profiles (young people, active, elderly people).

Commitments for the future & other relevant information: 

- Organizing workshops based on the use of our internal tools (One tip a week videos collection, computer maintenance book, pedagogical cases).
- Offering trainings  (“Best practices in sustainable digital behavior”).
- Attending external events organized by key players of the sustainable development sector
- Reselling sustainable devices in our Future House of Sustainable IT in Paris.

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