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Name of Initiative/Methodology

Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT)

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Developed by

  • US EPA
History and Status
  • Project started in 2003
  • EPEAT registry went live on EPEAT.net in 2006, with around 60 products from three manufacturers
  • EPEAT Purchaser Awards started in 2015
  • 68 EPEAT participating manufacturers worldwide in 08/2016
  • (Computers and Displays)
Involved companies / parties
  • Zero Waste Alliance (ZWA), the Green Electronics Council (GEC) and stakeholders, such as manufacturers, environmental advocacy institutes, academia, trade associations, government and recycling entities

The Burton Group


Organisation env. accounting

 Scope 1  
 Scope 2  
 Scope 3 

Product env. assessment 

 Life cycle approach  

 Use phase only


 Energy (according to Energy Star)

 Other environmental impacts

 KPIs (0-5 levels of Data Centre Maturity)

System(s) covered by the methodology
  • Computers and Displays, including desktops, laptops/notebooks, workstations, thin clients, displays (computer monitors), televisions, printers, copiers, scanners, multifunction devices, fax machines, digital duplicators and mailing machines
  • Evaluating the environmental performance of electronic products during their life cycle and rating their performance based on three tiers – Bronze, Silver and Gold
  • Providing an environmental assessment tool for purchasers
  • Providing marketplace rewards for innovation by recognizing products that reduce environmental and health impacts
Generic features
  • Two kinds of criteria are included:
    • Product criteria (declared uniquely for each product)

    • Corporate criteria (declared annually and end-of-life management and corporate performance)

ICT-specific features
  • EPEAT computer/display criteria currently address eight categories of environmental attributes covering the full product life cycle incl. design, energy use and recycling):
    • Reduction/elimination of environmentally sensitive materials (3 required criteria; 8 optional): criteria on RoHS & beyond

    • Materials selection (3 required; 3 optional): criteria on recycled content

    • Design for end of life (6 required; 5 optional): criteria on ease of recycling

    • Product longevity/life cycle extension (2 required; 2 optional): criteria on warranties and spare parts.

    • Energy conservation (1 required; 3 optional): Energy Star & beyond

    • End of life management (2 required; 1 optional): criteria on take-back and recycling

    • Corporate performance (3 required; 2 optional): EMS, environmental policy and report

    • Packaging (3 required; 4 optional): recyclable and recycled content

Examples of implementation / experience feedback
  • At 12/08/2016:
  • 1 773 Desktops with Gold rating
  • 2 027 Notebooks with Gold rating
  • And Monitors, Tablets/slates, Integrated desktop computers, Workstations, Thin clients, Signage displays
Interaction with other methodologies
  • [IEEE 1680] Standard for the Environmental Assessment of Electronics
  • [IEEE 1680.1] Standard for Environmental Assessment of Personal Computer Products, Including Notebook Personal Computers, Desktop Personal Computers, and Personal Computer Displays
  • [ISO 14001] Environmental management
  • [US EPA] Performance Track
  • [US EPA] Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Sustainability Reporting Guidelines
  • [Energy Star]

How do I use this methodology? Ask for support!

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